Megan Hargroder



Social media guru. Strategy whisperer. ( If you count loud, borderline un-whispers, of course. ) Website strategist. Workshop wonder…


I’m the founder of Conversations, and I live, breathe, sleep and sometimes even ride roller coasters thinking about lead-based social media. Just kidding. I don’t ride roller coasters. Do you know how dangerous those are?

Kidding again. Of course I ride roller coasters.

As the founder of Conversations, I’m a social media & SEO strategist with a background in broadcast journalism, video production and non-profit communications. I work with solo and small firm attorneys who have specific, niche practice areas, helping them to leverage the power of the ever changing social media stratosphere to get found online.


Because I understand how much bravery and passion goes into taking that step to fully focus in and leverage your talents to help others.

And because social media & SEO tools are too useful and effective for small firms to NOT be leveraging.  And furthermore, they’re too important to not use it the right way.

Because when you work with us here at Conversations? It’s not about going big or going home.

…It’s about going to the BANK.

Read on to find out how we can help improve your social media, your website, and most importantly: your bottom line!

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