How to get more followers on Instagram: A beginners guide

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How to get more followers on Instagram- A beginners guide conversations digital

Conversations Media’s Instagram guru, Colleen Vizents, shares insider tips on how she builds Instagram brand followings into the tens of thousands (and counting)… Building an Instagram following can be not only daunting but frustrating. It takes time, a strategy, and a good amount of effort to get your brand out there. If you are new to Instagram or just need … Read More

Instagram for Business: to switch or not to switch

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Instagram for Business- to switch or not to switch

Instagram just rolled out a new profile category for businesses and we’re having a lot of mixed feelings about it. Currently, there’s no strict enforcement on which accounts have to be switched over, but it’s safe to say that you can expect this to go a lot like it did with Facebook when they began separating personal and business pages. … Read More

3 killer Instagram marketing tools and strategies

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Instagram marketing in 2016 has proven to yield high organic growth and conversion success for many…but keeping up with the “real time” day to day and lack of scheduling options can be a nightmare for social media marketers. Until now. We’ve tried just about every tool that’s ever launched when it comes to scheduling, analytics and reposting on Instagram, and … Read More