Closet Conversations: Our resident wizard

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This post is Part 4 of an interview series of the Conversations team, conducted by our unpaid intern, Loyola University Student Ellen Egitton.  The assignment was simple, but not easy: make us sound AWESOME and include a valuable takeaway for the reader. What follows is unedited, and hopefully insightful.


Interesting discovery – unless you’re currently in school, you most likely didn’t have any idea you would work in social media. In fact, there’s a possibility your social media involvement at the time of college was limited to creating your AIM screenname. You know – the kind of seven to ten character username that truly conveyed the depth of your character and originality.


Most of our staff here at Conversations fell into the clutches of America Online, giving me the distinct pleasure of introducing our next team member:  Stephanie Faison, The Artist Formerly Known As JackDeppLvr or tiggerette2008. Take your pick.

Stephanie is our resident wizard and copywriting queen. She started with Conversations back in 2013 to act as Megan’s right hand lady, doing everything from ordering laundry baskets, to troubleshooting Google Drive storage roadblocks from the aisles of Walmart during afternoon shopping trips, but the road to Conversations was indeed a long one.

Steph started from a place of uncertainty and frustration long before she met Megan and the gang. When she started college, she went for paleontology (never kicked that dinosaur obsession) and then moved on to biology her second semester. She worked on her bio degree for two years only to discover at the beginning of her final year that her last requirement was only offered in the summer…

So, scratch biology. Moving on to a technology degree.

Okay, that’s not it either.

Teaching? Wait, I have no patience. Only my kids are cute.

She eventually landed on being a virtual assistant in order to be at home with her main men Wesley (4) and Riley (18 months), and then Megan came into the picture. Steph started with helping keep Megan organized and on top of the game, but it wasn’t long before Megan started tossing her different assignments – blogs, copywriting for clients, social posts, etc.

In short, Steph killed it. She had a voice, and Megan gave her an opportunity to really use it.

If my 7th grade science class knowledge is correct, I would say their partnership was the beginning of a beautiful symbiotic relationship.


I will let them decide who would like to be the egret and who would prefer to be the cow. Although I’m told that the joke has already been made – Megan is the crocodile and Steph is the bird that cleans its teeth.

Now Steph is our badass consultant who works remotely from Alabama while hanging out with her favorite gentlemen. As a college senior, it is comforting to hear that Steph never had any idea that she would end up right where she needed to be, and it took her years of going to different schools, switching majors, and moving jobs until serendipity and the universe had its way.

Note: it always does.

But now she does what she’s the best at, and that is wielding the written word like a damn wand. Stephanie can write in so many voices it is absurd. By her own admission, she says “I’m a sponge….I’m not a real human, just an amalgamation of everyone I’ve met.” This means that she is a master copywriter and an incredible mind reader.

Whatever your voice would say, she will write, and THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why she is the Wizard.