This is a WordPress website (and we can build one for you too!)
We are Conversations Media. We make solo and small firm lawyers get great clients. You can learn more about us here.
We specialize in lead generation specifically targeting your bottom line goals. (i.e. we don’t just update your Facebook page for the hell of it. There’s always an end goal…YOUR end goal).
Because we give a shit.
(and you might be surprised at how many people don’t)

Life is short and our team believes in doing what we love and making an impact on the world through whatever we are working on.

We might not be your cup of tea (and you might not be ours – we reserve the right to refuse project requests if you’re an asshole), but if we ARE a match….FIREWORKS, y’all. Fireworks.

Errrrrrywhere. From the shores of New Orleans to the islands of Croatia.

Originally Conversations LLC launched as a social media company targeting small businesses and startups.

As we grew, we decided to master the ins and outs of one industry, rather than be jacks of all trades.

Across the board, solo and small firm attorneys have been our favorite clients, and we’ve been able to consistently show the most direct impact on their bottom line, which, makes everyone happy!

Glad you asked!

You can read more about who we are looking to work with here, and learn more about the services we offer here.

Then, give us a shout!

We don’t offer free consultations, but we do have a ton of free resources – such as our email list (The Social Attorney) and our on-site blog.