Our favorite Social Media Management Tools [2016 Edition]

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We get asked (A LOT) about which social media management tools we use to keep our tiny agency running like a well-oiled machine. Today, I’m putting them all in one place….RIGHT HERE! Below is a list of our current favorite social media management and general time-saving business tools that keep our tiny agency running like a well-oiled machine.   DISCLAIMER: … Read More

What You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing in 2016


Chances are you’re reading this on your mobile device. That alone speaks to the ever-increasing audience ready and waiting to absorb and act on your business’s mobile marketing campaign, and that’s only going to become more and more important in 2016. Mobile ad spending is poised to top a staggering $100 billion in 2016 – a nearly 430 percent increase … Read More

What you need to know about Facebook Canvas Ads

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Since last year, there have been talks of a new ad format that allows users to experience, watch and buy products all within the Facebook app. If you haven’t heard of of Facebook Canvas, there is definitely a wow factor, and someone definitely got a raise for this idea. Facebook’s continuous hunt after Amazon’s e-commerce corner of the world shows … Read More

Why Social Media Should Be Your Company’s Best Friend

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Potentially scary newsflash: everything about your business extends beyond your website aaallllllllll the way to social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and even some sites with YOUR name on them that you may not know exist). Want to know how and why to take control? Keep on reading… If your company still doesn’t have (at the very … Read More

How to get better reviews (and more of them)


Show of hands, how many of you check out product or location reviews before making a purchase? Wow… that’s a lot of hands. So knowing that you yourself utilize reviews, what makes you think your customers don’t?     Exactly. Location reviews on sites like Google My Business (formerly Google+/Google Places), Yelp, or Facebook can determine which dentist we choose … Read More

3 Ways to use online citations to improve your Google Rank

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Optimized online listings or “citations” are crucial for your business to perform well in Google’s local search results. The more citations from high quality sources that you have, the better Google rank your business will have. (NOTE: those listings must also be set up correctly and properly optimized!) WAIT – WHAT THE EFF IS A “CITATION!?” It’s a mention of … Read More

You are not an “expert” + other Social Media Manager Job Application Tips

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It’s flattering when people refer to me as a “social media expert.” Flattering, but inaccurate. Sure, I’ve been doing social media for 5+ years and have built a growing business from doing great work for great people — but even with everything that I’ve learned, created, written, analyzed, etc., I can’t consider myself an expert on an entire classification of … Read More



Conversations is so excited to announce that our very own founder, Megan Hargroder, has been named the 2016 Entrepreneur-in-Residence for The Idea Village’s DIGITAL MEDIAx accelerator program! In this role, Megan will act as a dedicated resource and advisor, providing digital marketing expertise and consulting for the 3-5 New Orleans founders who are accepted in the program.   The Idea … Read More

What the hell is SEO and why do I need it?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those topics that probably makes your eyes glaze over…or pop right out. I typically refer to it as “oh boy I wish you wouldn’t have asked me what I do for a living *moonwalks out of the room*.” (kidding. sort of.) SEO can be really interesting to learn, but more than likely once … Read More

Increase Conversions with Facebook Call to Action Button


  Facebook has been stepping up to address the growing concerns that small businesses have about the value of having, updating, and growing their Facebook Business Pages. One of the features they’ve added to assist with this is the Call to Action Button. You’ve probably already noticed and followed the prompt on your page to “create a call to action” … Read More