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Ellen Egitton



Ellen has been the abused intern here at Conversations since August of 2016. She is often forced to write interesting, thought provoking blogs to help boost SEO for fantastic clients and play with words to craft eye-catching leadins. After grueling days at the office, she is typically strong-armed into joining the gang for happy hours at hip, local establishments (but now only virtually as she has graduated, spread those lil’ baby wings, and flown from the NOLA nest).

Ellen has a very hard life.

When she isn’t being sarcastic (a curious trait for the most literal person you might ever meet), she’s wondering how four years of school went by quite so fast and contemplating how to avoid the onset of a millennial quarter life crisis.

Kidding. Sort of.

Ellen’s true passion is pouring herself a nice glass of chardonnay, burrito-ing herself up in a plush snuggie, and getting lost in a rabbit hole of online food blogs until she decides what dish she will tackle next.

Because when you work with us here at Conversations? It’s not about going big or going home.

…It’s about going to the BANK.

Read on to find out how we can help improve your social media, your website, and most importantly: your bottom line!

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