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Krysten Cannatella



Say hey to Krysten, the classy lady we lovingly refer to as the “Mob Wife of Melville.” She earned this nickname not for her nefarious crime activities, but instead for her dedication to elegance and fashion in rural Melville on their family farm.

Before joining the Conversations team, Krysten worked as a senior data processor at a prominent engineering firm in Louisiana. After that, she spent some time as a student wrangler (8th grade math teacher). Now she works closely with Remy, her young associate and chief director of Goldfish crackers and toy tractors.

Krysten acts as our virtual assistant/the bill lady.

Because when you work with us here at Conversations? It’s not about going big or going home.

…It’s about going to the BANK.

Read on to find out how we can help improve your social media, your website, and most importantly: your bottom line!

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