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Liliana Brusic


Liliana Brusic

Meet Liliana, fashion designer turned graphic designer and proud Amazon Orange Winged Parrot parent. Liliana is a small business owner and our favorite design partner. Liliana works on our visual branding, utilizing her incredible eye for aesthetic - she is the creative mind behind your next website overhaul.

Trained in fashion design at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto, Liliana has always loved to use her interest in color, texture, and composition as a form of expression. Now she combines her professional training in fashion design with self-taught methods in web design to update our clients’ online presence to match their real life value and personality.

What’s the key to her craft? Staying on top of the industry + taking time to refresh.

That could mean a stroll down the streets of Rijeka, Croatia or perusing through the latest and greatest color and composition trends.

No matter what, this girl is always finding ways to be ahead of the curve and to create designs that truly reflect the core of your brand.

She also believes in the power of vacation... And good snacks. And her pup named Luna.

Because when you work with us here at Conversations? It’s not about going big or going home.

…It’s about going to the BANK.

Read on to find out how we can help improve your social media, your website, and most importantly: your bottom line!

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