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Loren Graham


Loren Graham

Say hello to Loren Graham, the cool and funky cat who stumbled upon his affinity for binary code a few years ago (didn’t we all……). Since then, he has filled his days with computers, codes, and complicated design programs that make our copywriters shudder and your website visible to a massive number of potential clients.

In other words, Loren is the guy doing all the crazy computer stuff making your firm show up on the Google Machine. That “stuff” is actually all related to search engine optimization (SEO, if you will) that has become increasingly complicated yet annoyingly vital to anyone trying to exist on the interwebs.

Important: Loren self describes as “loud, caring, and eats a lot.”

If ever in direct communication with Loren, please take care to heed this last bit. A hungry Loren is a hangry Loren, and a hangry Loren can’t help but care a hell of a lot more about a hamburger than your firm’s SEO.

Because when you work with us here at Conversations? It’s not about going big or going home.

…It’s about going to the BANK.

Read on to find out how we can help improve your social media, your website, and most importantly: your bottom line!

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