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SEO + Legal Marketing Expert.
Strategy whisperer. ( If you count loud, borderline un-whispers, of course. )
Storybrand Certified Guide.

Megan Hargroder founded Conversations, LLC, where she and her team create law firm websites that establish rapport and build trust—even with wary, skeptical strangers (which is what most website visitors are these days).

Her websites look stunning. But, more importantly, they build trust tastefully and ethically. And as a result, the lawyers she works with wind up with sites that attract much better clients, more easily, and more cost-effectively. Megan’s websites get these amazing results because they tell the lawyers’ unique, authentic stories in a way that deeply resonates with their ideal prospective clients.

Megan believes that good marketing is about building trust in a sincere, thoughtful manner. And she relishes the opportunity to help lawyers who prefer the kind of marketing that gets better clients in a more tasteful way.

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The key is to tell your story so that it resonates deeply with visitors to your website—especially with people who have no idea at all who you are or what you do. But again, let’s be real: figuring out how to tell your story in a compelling way is difficult.
First, all good stories have key elements, and a specific structure. Learning the elements and structure takes time. And learning to weave those elements into an effective story takes practice, which is gained from lots of repetition.

Even if you were a master storyteller, completely familiar with the process, you’d have trouble writing your story for a website. That’s because you’d feel awkward writing about yourself in a medium where complete strangers would read your story.

It’s best to find someone who has acquired the knack for creating powerful stories to do the job for you. Unfortunately, there aren’t many website creators who understand the importance of story-telling as a way of building trust online. And there are even fewer who’ve acquired the knack for doing it well—especially ones who focus on helping only lawyers.

Yes, the sad truth is: finding someone to help you create a great website is hard. Most web designers care only about building pretty websites. And most marketing gurus care only about manipulating Google’s algorithm to drive more cold traffic to websites (oh and, by the way, those “gurus” do not even attempt to help build trust, nor would they know how if you asked them to).

So think carefully about who you want to help you build your law firm website. Your website should enhance your reputation, not tarnish it.

What you should be looking for is someone who can help you create a visually pleasing website that also builds trust—even with wary, skeptical strangers. That’s what Megan does. And she has a really good track record of getting great results for her many lawyer-clients.

If you think you’d like to work with Megan and her team, fill out an application form so she can get to know a bit about you and your law firm.

She’ll need a lot more information later on so that she can tell your story in a compelling way, but it’s easier to get started with small steps at first.

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110% satisfied with Megan and the rest of the team at Conversations, LLC…Can’t say enough good things about the knowledge, sophistication, diligence, patience, creativity and friendship that they brought to the process.

– Eddie Gothard, Nowalsky & Gothard, APLLC

Trying to figure out Search Engine Optimization and how to get our law firm’s website on the first page of Google was like trying to solve the mystery of the Sphinx! Then we found Megan, and she has truly been the best thing that has happened to our business…

– Michelle Russell, Russell Law Firm

Having your website built (or redesigned) by Megan and her team is like having a day at the Spa. I’m not kidding.

– Ernie Svenson,

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