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How do you build a website that attracts GREAT clients?

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Having the perfect client-generating website may seem like a magical “pie in the sky” sort of dream, but it’s actually not as mysterious as it seems.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve tried out just about everything when it comes to lawyer websites. And after hundreds (or more likely thousands) of tests, adjustments, and deep data dives, we’ve refined what we call the “winning formula” for client-generating websites for lawyers.

Here are the key elements:

Use the WordPress Platform and include and on-site blogHow do you build a website that attracts GREAT clients?
Wordpress is the most widely used website platform out there. And there’s a reason for that: IT’S THE BEST. You have the most control, flexibility and ownership – with the best chance at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) i.e. this is the platform you want to be using for your website if you actually want clients to find you organically. For even more of an SEO boost, have an on-site blog that you update once a week with relevant content. These two things are at the core of every single one of our client success stories.

Include a “hero” banner image of you / the attorneys in your firm
When someone who’s never met or heard of you before reaches your website and is considering hiring you, the first thing they should see is YOUR FACE (rather than a stock image or cityscape). People connect with people. Not logos, or brands, or generic imagery that they’ve seen over and over again. Invest in a good set of headshots.
How do you build a website that attracts GREAT clients?


Phone number formattingclickable phone number wordpress How do you build a website that attracts GREAT clients?
Sure, it looks nice and fancy to use dots between number sets within your business phone number. But guess what that doesn’t do? Allow people to click to call you. Don’t make contacting you take more steps than necessary. Use the proper dash format everywhere your phone number appears on the site, and make sure to include it in the top right hand corner, where it’s easiest for people to access on mobile phones.

Create Copy that Captures, Engages and Converts
This sounds like very basic, obvious advice – but are you following it? 9 out of 10 lawyers aren’t using compelling copy because they feel more comfortable “playing it safe.”  But here’s the thing: you can be in complete compliance with legal ethics rules and still have a message that is effective and interesting.

Build Authority by Clearly Displaying Affiliations and Testimonials
You know that all lawyers are bar association members, have Avvo profiles, and actually graduated from law school…so seeing a row of badges or links to those associations may seem unimportant. However one of the coolest A/B tests we’ve ever done (and continue to experiment with) is the role of affiliation badges in legal client conversions. Across the board: those lawyers who DO use them on their websites get more organic client conversions than those who don’t.

Putting it simply, link building in 2017 is the art of building relationships and offering enough value to other bloggers and industry experts that they will reward your hard work with a link to your content.

The second part of on-site authority building is TESTIMONIALS.

Think about the last time you decided to try out a new dinner spot. Those places with 5 star reviews certainly grab you more than those with 2 star reviews, which you probably won’t even bother reading because who wants to go to a 2 star restaurant?

Effectively using your best client reviews throughout your website lets potential clients get a feel for what their experience will be. A great testimonial will not only address your awesomeness, but also the client’s initial hesitancies or biases and how those were dispelled by your outstanding service.

Weaving these into your website is the easy part.

What’s more important: BE THE 5 STAR ATTORNEY!

Then ask for reviews at the height of your clients’ excitement.

Not sure if your website is performing at it’s best or ready to take the next step to amp up your traffic?

Schedule a free 15-minute website assessment call with me, or check out our DIY Website Conversion Course, which covers all of these areas with more detailed “how to” guides, templates and references.

Author Megan Hargroder

Founder, CEO and BBIC. Because regardless of what is “expected” of you, what really matters is chasing your own dreams, fulfilling your own expectations, and living your best life.

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