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Our team at Conversations Digital is proud to announce the launch of the new website for The Law Offices of Carol D. Powell Lexing & Associates!

A civil rights attorney with a passion for justice, Carol believes that everyone deserves to have access to a fair and impartial system – and that all people should be treated the same regardless of who they are, what they look like, or how much money they have.

When Carol Powell Lexing began her career as an attorney, she had no way of knowing that the journey she was embarking on would lead her to become one of the leading civil rights attorneys in the country. 

A woman of great faith, Carol has dedicated herself to fighting an unjust system on behalf of her clients. She was thrust into the national spotlight with the Jena Six case, and since then, she has taken on a host of high-profile cases in which she has always fought diligently for her clients.

All of Carol’s practice areas involve civil rights issues, including police shooting cases, police brutality cases, and wrongful death cases.

Because Carol has been working with these types of issues and their victims for almost 25 years, she also uses her experience to advocate for reform and changes to the system.  

Her work in high-profile cases such as the Jena Six case and the Cameron Tillman case, among others, has led to many features in the news. You can see the list in Carol’s website’s Press page, and learn more about Carol Powell Lexing and her experience fighting for civil rights via her new website.


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We transform underperforming attorney websites into client-generating machines. We’ve helped hundreds of solo & small firm attorneys grow their businesses by creating award winning websites that attract great clients.

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