Google My Business Reviews: Why Law Firms Need Them

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Google My Business Reviews_ Why Law Firms Need The - conversations digital law firm marketing and web development

Google My Business is a service that can help you make your legal practice stand out to locals in your area. Positive reviews from verified users on Google can give your law practice a competitive edge and increase your search engine rankings. Having positive reviews on Google impresses two very important audiences: Google’s algorithms and potential clients in your area. … Read More

Voice Search Optimization for Law Firms

Kristen Holsappleseo

Voice Search Optimization for Law Firms - conversations digital law firm marketing and web development

What is voice search optimization? “Siri, when does the sun set tonight?” “Google, where is the closest gas station?” “Siri, what steps should I take after a car accident?” “Alexa, how do I know if I am a victim of medical malpractice?”   It’s getting easier and easier to talk to our devices the way we would talk to another … Read More

Closet Conversations: Meet Lauren – our SEO Strategist

Ellen Egittonseo, Uncategorized

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This post is Part 2 of an interview series of the Conversations team, conducted by our unpaid intern, Loyola University Student Ellen Egitton.  The assignment was simple, but not easy: make us sound AWESOME and include a valuable takeaway for the reader. What follows is unedited, and hopefully insightful.   Loud. Caring. Eats a lot. Lauren, that’s the most honest … Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Site May Be Invisible to Google

Loren Grahamseo

3 Reasons Why Your Site May Be Invisible to Google

Have you wondered why your website is invisible to Google? Have you been working on your website for months, beefing up your SEO skills and writing content like nobody’s business? Then why aren’t you getting any love from Google? Or maybe it’s that you were seeing a ton of traffic, but it seems to have dropped off dramatically. Fear not! … Read More

What the hell is SEO and why do I need it?

Loren Grahamseo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those topics that probably makes your eyes glaze over…or pop right out. I typically refer to it as “oh boy I wish you wouldn’t have asked me what I do for a living *moonwalks out of the room*.” (kidding. sort of.) SEO can be really interesting to learn, but more than likely once … Read More