How to Collect (and Preserve) Social Media Content for E-Discovery

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How to Collect (and Preserve) Social Media Content for E-Discovery- conversations digital law firm marketing

With insight from Brett Burney, an E-Discovery Consultant and expert in bridging the knowledge gap between the legal and technological fields. Social media is everywhere these days. Potential employers ask for your LinkedIn page, old high school classmates connect through Facebook, and political headlines keep us up-to-date on Twitter. Each year, more and more attorneys need to use social media … Read More

5 Overrated Digital Marketing Metrics (And 5 That Actually Matter)

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5 Overrated Digital Marketing Metrics (And 5 That Actually Matter)- conversations digital law firm marketing

Good digital marketing companies supply data to their clients. When sourced correctly, this data can help measure the success of internet marketing campaigns, but it’s important to remember one thing: while metrics are helpful, not all data is created equal. Make sure you’re taking a comprehensive look at how your metrics impact your business. Here’s a rundown of overrated digital … Read More

How to set up your law firm’s Google Business Page (the right way)

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How to set up your law firm’s Google Business Page (the right way)- conversations digital law firm marketing

What is the difference between Google+ (Brand) and “Google My Business” ? Google+ was originally meant to be a social networking site like Facebook, but it never really took off… It still carved out an important role for itself, though! Google+ is what customers or potential clients sees when using Google Search or Google Maps. Basically, if you don’t have … Read More

Closet Conversations: Dinner, drinks and a side of employment

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This post is Part 1 of an interview series of the Conversations team, conducted by our unpaid intern, Loyola University Student Ellen Egitton.  The assignment was simple, but not easy: make us sound AWESOME and include a valuable takeaway for the reader. What follows is unedited, and hopefully insightful. Damnit Colleen, brag a little bit. That was the feeling I … Read More

Our favorite Social Media Management Tools [2016 Edition]

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We get asked (A LOT) about which social media management tools we use to keep our tiny agency running like a well-oiled machine. Today, I’m putting them all in one place….RIGHT HERE! Below is a list of our current favorite social media management and general time-saving business tools that keep our tiny agency running like a well-oiled machine.   DISCLAIMER: … Read More

Why Social Media Should Be Your Company’s Best Friend

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Potentially scary newsflash: everything about your business extends beyond your website aaallllllllll the way to social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and even some sites with YOUR name on them that you may not know exist). Want to know how and why to take control? Keep on reading… If your company still doesn’t have (at the very … Read More

3 Ways to use online citations to improve your Google Rank

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Optimized online listings or “citations” are crucial for your business to perform well in Google’s local search results. The more citations from high quality sources that you have, the better Google rank your business will have. (NOTE: those listings must also be set up correctly and properly optimized!) WAIT – WHAT THE EFF IS A “CITATION!?” It’s a mention of … Read More

You are not an “expert” + other Social Media Manager Job Application Tips

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  It’s flattering when people refer to me as a “social media expert.” Flattering, but inaccurate. Sure, I’ve been doing social media for 5+ years and have built a growing business from doing great work for great people — but even with everything that I’ve learned, created, written, analyzed, etc., I can’t consider myself an expert on an entire classification … Read More

Next Level Social Media: Tips, Tricks and Trade Secrets for social media management

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Already knee-deep in social media management and not sure what to do next to grow your audience, get more engagement, and prove the value of your work to clients / bosses? Keep reading. Because this summer, I’m creating a guided online course to solve your biggest social media pain points:  1. I’ve run out of ideas for content, promotions, etc. for … Read More