Legal Marketing: Are You Losing Leads to Voicemail?


Legal Marketing: Are You Losing Leads to Voicemail - conversations digital law firm marketing

Are you unknowingly sabotaging your legal marketing efforts by sending potential client calls to voicemail? Perhaps you thought your reception department was well-staffed, only to realize that your website and SEO is generating more leads than your practice could handle.  Generating leads is only half the battle. If queries to your practice go unanswered, you could be losing those potential … Read More

Changing Your Attitude About Legal Marketing


Changing Your Attitude About Legal Marketing - conversations digital law firm marketing

Attorneys shy away from marketing. Rightfully so, they go to school for a Juris Doctor not a marketing degree. Despite the fact that lawyers might not want to market, the way you present your practice to your community matters and it can bring you more business. While marketing isn’t the first thing on an attorney’s mind, it’s important to acknowledge … Read More

5 Online Marketing Metrics Lawyers Should Understand


5 Online Marketing Metrics Lawyers Should Understand- conversations digital law firm marketing

Website Visits During the process of optimizing your website, you and your employees will likely visit your own website many times. While these visits are important and unavoidable, make sure you know how this action can inflate a key metric – website visits. An accurate website visit number includes all external traffic but EXCLUDES any internal traffic (visits from you … Read More

Meet Dana, our Marketing Manager


Meet Dana, our Marketing Manager - Conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

Meet Dana, our Marketing Manager. She’s a gem, a bean, and bundle of diverse talents. Dana came to Conversations with a background as interesting as herself. Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Dana migrated to the South to study at Emory University where she majored in political science. After graduation, she moved to Washington DC where she quickly curated a House … Read More

Client Spotlight: Robert Armstrong


Client Spotlight- Robert Armstrong - conversations digital law firm marketing

At Conversations Digital, we take great pride in our work, and are lucky enough to draw inspiration and motivation from clients we admire. Robert Armstrong, a personal injury attorney based in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a perfect example. Start with a lawyer, leave with a friend The job of a lawyer is to represent a client in the court of … Read More

#SmallFirmSpotlight: Jacqui Ford Law

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oklahoma city criminal defense attorney jacqui ford

On paper, Jacqui Ford looks good. Really good. She is a remarkably accomplished criminal defense, personal injury, and civil rights attorney who has received awards, recognition, and praise from those who love and despise her alike. But paper just doesn’t do her justice. Odds are, a blog post won’t either, but it’s worth a shot. Determination from the Start Jacquelyn … Read More

#SoloSpotlight: Danny Russell Law Firm

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danny and michelle russell conversations digital

If you know a lawyer, you’re probably aware that life in the legal lane is nothing short of life-consuming. This rings especially true for trial lawyers who spend countless days mired in highly emotional and intense cases. Seems like a career you might know you’re headed for, right? Well, not always. Meet Danny Russell, a Baton Rouge based personal injury, … Read More

Closet Conversations: Our resident wizard

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This post is Part 4 of an interview series of the Conversations team, conducted by our unpaid intern, Loyola University Student Ellen Egitton.  The assignment was simple, but not easy: make us sound AWESOME and include a valuable takeaway for the reader. What follows is unedited, and hopefully insightful.   Interesting discovery – unless you’re currently in school, you most … Read More