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Client Spotlight: Robert Armstrong

By October 4, 2017August 10th, 2021No Comments

At Conversations Digital, we take great pride in our work, and are lucky enough to draw inspiration and motivation from clients we admire.

Robert Armstrong, a personal injury attorney based in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a perfect example.

Start with a lawyer, leave with a friend

The job of a lawyer is to represent a client in the court of law. To translate legal jargon into digestible, meaningful words and fight for your client’s interests.

In its simplest form, it’s a business transaction to be conducted with honesty, respect, and integrity, but few would say that the client-lawyer relationship involves anything resembling friendship.

Except for Robert Armstrong.

As a personal injury lawyer, Robert meets people on a daily basis whose lives have been changed catastrophically by tragedy.

The way he sees it, the most vital part of his job is to understand the extent of the damage his client has suffered.


Because without knowing the real toll a traumatic event has taken on you and your family, true justice cannot be realized.

That is why Robert Armstrong leads with friendship. He takes you in as a friend who wants to hear your story – every piece of pain, fear, and change you have experienced since the event that brought you to him in the first place.

He takes the time to really know your story so then he can then tell your story in court.

And through this process, Robert connects with his clients as friends rather than numbers, resulting in a connection that lasts well beyond a trial date.


Robert didn’t always know that he wanted to be a personal injury attorney, but one experience changed the course of his life forever.

As a 22 year old man, Robert worked on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico to save up for law school. One day, Robert witnessed a horrific accident involving a crane falling and killing several men and severely injuring many others.

Officials would later discover that the crane had not been properly inspected and maintained, resulting in a snapped cable and lost lives.

This accident stayed with Robert for a very long time.

He thought about those men whose lives ended abruptly and unnecessarily.

He thought about the people responsible.

He thought about justice.

Eventually, Robert realized that his mind was leading him towards a commitment to represent those hurt in similar situations and to bring those responsible to justice.

Twenty four years later, Robert is still dedicated to the cause.

Where he is now

Though he is licensed to practice law in North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey, Robert mainly works from his practice in Wilmington, North Carolina. There he focuses on personal injury cases, including car wrecks, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, brain and spine injuries, etc.

His practice revolves around humans and truth.

Around the key idea that the impact of a horrible accident is not confined to any certain time period, and its effects are far reaching – rippling through families and communities.

But at the core of everything Robert Armstrong does is integrity.

That is why his business is fueled solely by referrals and friendships – no ads, no billboards, no mail.

Digital media-wise, he keeps it simple: a polished, professional website and a weekly blog post.

When you think about it, Robert believes so strongly in the integrity of his work that he rests the survival of his business on the satisfaction of those he serves.


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