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Coronavirus-proof your law practice

By March 27, 2020August 10th, 2021No Comments

CNN reported that a New York attorney was linked to the spread of over 50 cases of coronavirus.

This (along with the rest of the news telling people to stay home) is going to make people less likely to want to come to your office for a meeting.

If you want to keep your business flowing while we all ride this out, there’s a few systems you should consider putting into place ASAP:

1. Virtual Meetings

Set up a system to meet with clients virtually.

Services that I recommend looking into: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts.

(Zoom is probably the best because of ease of use; your clients won’t have to create a user account in order to join.)

2. Work from home

As long as your team has a solid internet connection and a computer, they can work from home and continue to take calls, meet with clients virtually, communicate via email, work on reports, etc. You can even use systems like this to sign and notarize documents remotely.

3. Communicate your new process

Take a few minutes to actually write out this new process for virtual meetings, and communicate it to your team and your clients.

***I’d also recommend updating your website, social media channels and email list about the fact that you offer virtual meetings.

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