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Deciding what software is best for your firm? Who should handle marketing?

By November 10, 2017September 15th, 2021No Comments

Conversations Digital featured in the 2017 Legal Technology Buyer’s Guide


Last month, I had the opportunity to meet Chelsey Lambert, the CEO and founder of Lex Tech Review, courtesy of our mutual friend Ernie the Attorney.

For those who don’t know her, Chelsey’s a consultant and writer who reviews the technology and software that surrounds the legal profession, exclusively.

Here at Conversations, we know the marketing side of helping solo and small attorneys, but wow–I am amazed at the diversity of legal technology out there for law firms today!

Of particular value:  I’ve seen dozens of small firms struggle with finding the right practice management software, then spend weeks getting everything set up and inputted, only to find out that the “solution” isn’t a good fit at all. It costs A LOT of time and money to go through this.

And Chelsey helps lawyers avoid all of that.


By having in-depth working knowledge and hands-on experience with ALL major legal practice management systems out there (which, she informed me, is over 20).

So sidenote: if you’re looking to implement something like this – call Chelsey first so that you only have to do it once, and can feel confident you made the right decision!

Aside from practice management software, the Lex Tech Review is full of resources on technologies to help your firm function better.

And even better: The 2017 Legal Technology Buyers Guide is written in a way that just about anyone can understand (read: you don’t need to know what SEO means or know what Ruby on Rails is. Leave that to the specialists).

But Ok. Ok. I have an alternative motive for recommending the Lex Tech Review…

::Drum roll::

Chelsey hired Conversations Media to improve some of the SEO components of her own website, and gave us a solid recommendation!!!!

“I was amazed by the level of detail and updates I received from their team. Clear communication, a rundown of what had been done each week and recommendations on what should be done now, versus later. A lot happens behind the scenes, and it was refreshing to see them share the inside of their world with me,” writes Chelsey.

So if you download the Review, jump to pg. 125 and give us a looksee.

And if you’re interested in learning more about our process and how we can take your online presence to the next level, schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery call with me!

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