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Diamond Estate Planning Website Launch

The Diamond Estate Planning website has officially launched!

A branch of the Diamond Legal family, Diamond Estate Planning works with Illinois families to create plans for the future. Thus, our team at Conversations wanted to make sure the look and feel of the site felt fresh and original, while still calling back to the Diamond Legal parent organization.

Diamond Estate Planning - conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

The team at Diamond Estate Planning knows that family is everything.

Estate planning attorney Adam Diamond first became interested in this field of law because of his own family – when he and his wife had their first child, and when his father lost the family farm because they didn’t have a plan in place. 

Their team, therefore, promises to focus on what their clients want and get their families what they need.

Diamond Estate Planning - conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

As mentioned above, it was critical both for the Diamond Estate Planning team and for our Conversations team that the new site simultaneously call back to the feel and design of the brand’s previous sites while still having its own leg to stand on. 

Thus, our design team maintained a diamond within the logo – adding a sort of tree of life to symbolize the importance of family legacy and longevity. Additionally, the site maintained a sort of burnt orange that mimics the brand’s sister sites with a more muted approach in an effort to evoke feelings of trust, tradition, and reliability.

Diamond Estate Planning logo designed by conversations digital

As an estate planning firm, Diamond Estate Planning offers legal counsel for McHenry, Illinois families and individuals dealing with estate planning issues from will disputes to probate, trusts, and more.

To learn more about their services, check out the new Diamond Estate Planning site

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