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Always Respond to Google Business Reviews: Here’s How

Responding to positive reviews shows your gratitude for your client’s time and respect for their opinion.

Most people don’t even know about the “Reply to Review” feature, but it’s also a great way to show Google that you are engaged (which gives you a little boost in your listing rankings)!

Accessing your Google My Business Dashboard:

  1. Login to your Google Account (Your Email)
  2. Either click or click the little blue house
  3. Click Reviews on the left hand side of the screen:

From there you will be able to reply to all of your reviews!


When it comes to responding to favorable lawyer reviews, consider the following:

  • Do not give too much identifying or case-specific information in your response to respect your client’s privacy
  • Do maintain a personal tone by thanking your client for their review
  • Do convey your pleasure for resolving their case


“Adam, thanks for sharing your experience. I hope we can help your friends and family when they are in need!”

“Thank you for your recommendation and I’m happy we were able to provide you with the results you were seeking.”

“Being able to assist people in situations like this is the reason I do this. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for trusting me with your case.”

It’s impossible to please everyone and it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll receive a negative review on occasion.

Here’s how to handle a negative legal review with grace:

  • Do thank your client for leaving their review
  • If the review is spam (i.e. not a real client, do say so – professionally – in your response)
  • Do not engage with back-handed or passive aggressive responses
  • Do keep it short and professional
  • Do invite your client to resolve the issue privately with you or your administrative team

Simply respond with something like:

“While we appreciate feedback, we have no record of working with you on previous or current cases. Feel free to call or e-mail us to discuss this issue further.”

“I’m sorry you were disappointed with the result of your case. I wish you luck in the resolution of your dispute.”

Statements like this alert potential clients to the illegitimate nature of the review without sacrificing your integrity or appearing petty.

If the review is spam / inaccurate / harmful to your professional reputation – you can attempt to get it removed by flagging the post: 

From your Reviews page on your GMB Dashboard

  1. Click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the review you are attempting to remove.
  2. Click Flag As Inappropriate
  3. Follow Prompts to complete
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