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There are several tools you could use to streamline appointments and calendaring, but Acuity is far and above our favorite.

Key features:

  • Allows clients / potential clients to schedule appointments that are automatically added to your calendar
  • Integrates with Zoom (so if you primarily meet via video conferencing, you can set Acuity to automatically create and send the Zoom appointment link to your client)
  • Intake forms let you filter and get more information from people before your scheduled session
  • Automated follow ups (optional)
  • Payment integration – so you can have clients pay when they book, seamlessly and without having to create invoices and receipts
  • Integrates with Clio via Google Calendar Synch or via Zapier

Setting up your Free 15-minute Consultation:

If you have such a high conversion rate of “closing the deal” once you get someone on the phone, You need to get more people on the phone! This could be best done by creating an “offer.”

Your offer: Free 15-Minute Consultation

Setup Steps:

  1. Set up an Acuity Account
  2. Define your schedule options + consultation settings
  3. Install the Consultation button on your website

Read more about how and why I decided to implement Acuity for my marketing firm on our blog 

Bonus tech tip: Use Textexpander to keep your acuity scheduling links handy via shortcuts, so that you can easily respond to emails with prompts to schedule new appointments. For example, I have shortcuts set up for each of my meeting lengths that generate the full length. Those look like this:


(And once I type those things into any doc or screen on my computer, the link is generated automatically. It’s actually a semicolon not a colon, which is how I was able to type those out visually here;)

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