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Congratulations to Generations Law Group on the launch of their brand-new website!

Gen Law Group is a Boise-based law firm focused on helping clients GROW their businesses, PROTECT everything they’ve worked so hard for, and PRESERVE their legacy for generations to come.

Generations Law Group - conversations digital law firm marketing and web designWith decades of experience helping families and businesses through these processes, Gen Law Group is here to provide clients the trusted guidance they need to get them to the next step.

The firm is run by Attorney Tom Walker, who believes that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and pillars of our communities. During his 44 years as an attorney, he has taken great pride in helping families overcome legal obstacles, work together, and set up businesses for long-term success.

Tom and his team work every day to deliver supportive legal services efficiently and empathetically, drawing upon Tom’s personal experience with his family’s business to understand the daily dynamics and challenges, and his decades of experience as an attorney to provide the best counsel possible on strategies, transactions, and family wealth preservation and transfer.

Gen Law Group offers both personal services and business services to their clients, as designated by the separated practice areas. Personal services include the processes that help secure and pass on wealth within the client’s family (i.e., estate planning, tax planning), while business services ensure that a client’s business is protected throughout every transaction and prepped for success when they’ve decided it’s time to move on.

When the team at Gen Law Group came to us, they already had a multitude of videos explaining some of their most frequently asked questions. So we came up with a way to highlight those videos on their FAQs page, in addition to the more traditional set of questions and answers.

Check out their full site to learn more!


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We transform underperforming attorney websites into client-generating machines. We’ve helped hundreds of solo & small firm attorneys grow their businesses by creating award winning websites that attract great clients.

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