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Gilbert Law Firm Website Launch Spotlight

By December 15, 2021No Comments

Our team at Conversations would like to extend a warm congratulations to Gilbert Law Firm on the successful launch of their new website!

Bill Gilbert and Ashley Richards are two dedicated attorneys who offer personal injury, civil rights, and Social Security disability services to the Spokane, Washington area.

Gilbert Law Firm - conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

As a former Montana Sheriff, Bill has seen all sides of the justice system up close and personal. And having suffered some serious heartbreaks and losses in his life, Bill is motivated deeply by his clients’ drive for justice.

Ashley has a passion for this type of work, as well. From becoming a teen mother to developing an autoimmune disorder and almost dying in a car crash, Ashley has used her experience with adversity to shape her life and her practice and meet her clients where they are.

That Bill and Ashley are so willing to share their stories not only makes them fierce advocates in the courtroom, but it also helped us draft compelling and honest bio pages, one of the most important elements of any firm’s website.

Gilbert Law Firm | conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

Another task that Bill and Ashley had for us was integrating two distinct websites for their different areas of practice into one unified hub for their clients.

We were able to integrate all of their resources and information on Social Security disability law, which had previously been its own website, into one tab under the “Practice Areas” drop-down menu.

Our work is always strongest when we collaborate with clients who are easy to work with and passionate about what they do. And that was just the experience we had with Gilbert Law Firm.

Check out their new website now to read more about their stories, and how they’re using those stories to help the people of Washington.

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