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Hiltner Trial Lawyers Website Launch Spotlight

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Hiltner Trial Lawyers on the successful launch of their firm’s new website!

Hiltner Trial Lawyers max hiltner. | conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

When Max Hiltner founded this firm, he had two goals in mind. The first was to make sure the people he represents aren’t defined by one mistake; the second was to become the best trial lawyer he can be.

As a former college athlete, Max has found the same kind of rush defending his clients in criminal defense cases. And unlike his previous job working for a big insurance company, criminal defense allows him to make a personal difference in regular people’s lives.

Hiltner Trial Lawyers.| conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

Max wanted us to communicate these two big ideas through our design of his new website. He wanted it to be authoritative, so potential clients know he can be counted on; but also personal and relatable.

Our award-winning design team set to work creating an authoritative feel through a modest but attractive color scheme and easy-to-navigate pages on each criminal charge the firm has experience in.

Meanwhile, our expert copywriters emphasized the personal nature of the firm’s work by putting compassion and understanding at the forefront of every page.

Every website we build at Conversations is a team effort, so working with a team this strong has allowed us to pour some of our best work into their website. You can check it out now and learn more about their practice.

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