Meet Dana, our Marketing Manager

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Meet Dana, our Marketing Manager - Conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

Meet Dana, our Marketing Manager. She’s a gem, a bean, and bundle of diverse talents. Dana came to Conversations with a background as interesting as herself. Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Dana migrated to the South to study at Emory University where she majored in political science. After graduation, she moved to Washington DC where she quickly curated a House … Read More

Deciding what software is best for your firm? Who should handle marketing?

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Conversations Digital featured in the 2017 Legal Technology Buyer’s Guide   Last month, I had the opportunity to meet Chelsey Lambert, the CEO and founder of Lex Tech Review, courtesy of our mutual friend Ernie the Attorney. For those who don’t know her, Chelsey’s a consultant and writer who reviews the technology and software that surrounds the legal profession, exclusively. … Read More

Client Spotlight: Robert Armstrong


Client Spotlight- Robert Armstrong - conversations digital law firm marketing

At Conversations Digital, we take great pride in our work, and are lucky enough to draw inspiration and motivation from clients we admire. Robert Armstrong, a personal injury attorney based in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a perfect example. Start with a lawyer, leave with a friend The job of a lawyer is to represent a client in the court of … Read More

Streamline new client consultations using Acuity Scheduler


Streamline new client consultations using Acuity Scheduling - conversations digital law marketing

As the founder of a small, service-based business, there’s a big thing I have in common with solo attorneys: Time is money, and “potential” new clients can really eat into that – often without resulting in becoming an actual client. Being raised in the South only adds to my feeling that I should put politeness above all else. But fielding … Read More

Should your legal blog be hosted on your firm site or kept separate?


Should your legal blog be hosted on your firm site or kept separate- - conversations digital conversations digital law firm marketing

When it comes to legal blogs, you can either host your blog on your firm website, as part of your site, OR you can create an entirely separate blog site. Which is the RIGHT answer? I’m going to tread lightly on this aggressively debated topic, but will let you know right off the bat that I recommend hosting your blog … Read More

How do you build a website that attracts GREAT clients?


How do you build a website that attracts GREAT clients? conversations digital

Having the perfect client-generating website may seem like a magical “pie in the sky” sort of dream, but it’s actually not as mysterious as it seems. Over the past 6 years, we’ve tried out just about everything when it comes to lawyer websites. And after hundreds (or more likely thousands) of tests, adjustments, and deep data dives, we’ve refined what … Read More

Are You A Lawyer Experiencing Blog Topic Burnout?

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Are You A Lawyer Experiencing Blog Topic Burnout- conversations digital, law firm marketing

If blogging is a part of your law firm’s SEO campaign, you’ve probably hit a wall when it comes to finding fresh new topics to write about. As a solo or small firm attorney, you probably started out with an incredible burst of passion, excitement, and energy – setting your sights on promoting yourself and establishing credibility. And I bet … Read More

#SmallFirmSpotlight: Jacqui Ford Law

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oklahoma city criminal defense attorney jacqui ford

On paper, Jacqui Ford looks good. Really good. She is a remarkably accomplished criminal defense, personal injury, and civil rights attorney who has received awards, recognition, and praise from those who love and despise her alike. But paper just doesn’t do her justice. Odds are, a blog post won’t either, but it’s worth a shot. Determination from the Start Jacquelyn … Read More

#SoloSpotlight: Danny Russell Law Firm

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danny and michelle russell conversations digital

If you know a lawyer, you’re probably aware that life in the legal lane is nothing short of life-consuming. This rings especially true for trial lawyers who spend countless days mired in highly emotional and intense cases. Seems like a career you might know you’re headed for, right? Well, not always. Meet Danny Russell, a Baton Rouge based personal injury, … Read More

3 Lessons from the Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy LIVE


3 Lessons from the Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy LIVE conversations digital

I don’t usually go to conferences. Why? Because for the most part, I feel like I can get the same information whenever I want it via blogs and other online sources. So when I was offered a ticket to the Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy Live in Tennessee, I almost said no… No, I have too much work to do and … Read More