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Is it Time To Redesign Your Business Website?

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When is the last time an SEO or marketing pro took a gander at your business website? If the answer to this question is the same as when the website was launched, you might definitely be in need of a website redesign.

Perhaps you have a marketing team on standby, but have you called them lately to evaluate your website and its performance? Your marketing or SEO team might assume that everything’s coming up roses for your Internet marketing campaign but you feel visitors to your site and sales conversions aren’t as stellar as you’d like. Or worse, you’ve had clients complain that your site isn’t loading on their mobile devices quickly enough or its contact forms show up empty. If these common scenarios speak to you, it’s probably time to consider a website redesign.

An outdated website isn’t something you or your business has to live with.  Fortunately, redesigning your website every few years is a good thing for your brand and your business.

5 Signs That It’s Time for a Business Website Redesign

Technology and the Internet change all the time. So does Google’s algorithms. If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, it’s important to make sure your website is up to snuff with potential clients and Google’s standards.

Here are five common reasons for redesigning business websites.

Your Business Website Looks Outdated

To a savvy web searcher, an outdated website just looks “off”. It might be the sparse content, an old Flash plugin that doesn’t load, or a font and layout that mimics something someone built in the AOL dial-up days.

Think of your website as an extension or your office or practice. Does it look well-maintained or forgotten? Simply put, if your website looks old, it could turn off a potential client. An outdated website might leave people wondering if you take pride in your business’ web presence or if you’re still in business at all.

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

Did you know an overwhelming amount of web searches are done from mobile phones and tablets? In fact, 57% of web searches were conducted from mobile devices. This statistic is a big reason why Google initiated a mobile-first algorithm in 2018 to accommodate the increasing amount of mobile users. Those who use tablets and phones to search the web spend more than 56% time searching the web than those on PCs.

If you’re not accommodating mobile users, you’re missing out on a viable consumer base. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly is a wise investment in inching forward passed your competition.

Your Website Isn’t Secure

Web users and search engines like Google may not find your site trustworthy if it’s unsecure. In fact, Google can even black list your website with algorithm penalties if your website doesn’t have a security certificate.

Unsecure websites are much easier to hack, leaving web users vulnerable to unwanted pop-ups and worse, malware. If your business website hasn’t been updated in a few years, your security certificates could be out of date or non-existent. Having your SEO company install an SSL certificate is a great place to start.

It Loads Too Slowly

Most web users expect a website to load in a couple of seconds. If your site takes longer than a few seconds to load, your visitors will leave. According to a recent survey, 53% of web users will leave a site if it doesn’t load in less than two seconds.

There are a few reasons why a website might load slowly but some of the most common are server issues (particularly free hosting sites) and complex file formats for images and videos. Consulting with an SEO or web design team can help you narrow down your website’s weak spots and address them.

Your Website’s Content Marketing Strategy is Ineffective

When it comes to Internet marketing, original and fresh content is king. If your website has stock library articles, poorly-written copy, or sparse content, Google won’t place your site high on SERPs. Outdated or inadequate content will cost you users, too. Web users are on fact-finding missions and if your content doesn’t answer their questions, you’re losing out on potential clients.

Your website needs to be chock-full of relevant and original content. When it comes to appeasing Google for top-notch SEO, it’s a good idea to consult with professionals. Digital marketing agencies work with content producers and copywriters to develop custom content that meets Google’s high standards for optimal SERPs. Good content producers can generate unique and interesting copy optimized for your business’ SEO needs.

If your website is need of a makeover, call us to discuss your marketing strategy. We will be happy to take a look at your website, isolate potential issues, and develop a customized approach to boost your SEO and brand. Our agency offers business website design and redesign, original content production, social media marketing, and SEO services.

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