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In the marketing world, we talk a lot about MORE.

More traffic. More contact form submissions. More phone calls. More leads.

But more isn’t always better.

If you’re spending half your day on the phone with tire kickers or politely apologizing to someone because you can’t take their case, you’ve burned up valuable time and energy for absolutely no reason.

That’s time that you could spend on your current clients and cases, working on strategic marketing efforts, or more importantly – spending time with the people you care about.

So let’s talk about how you can take that time and energy back!

Here’s a few ways you can filter out the bad, to make more room for the good:

Have a niche, and make it crystal clear what that is on your website, listings, and social media outlets. 

If you are CLEARLY branded as a traffic ticket lawyer, you won’t get as many random calls about divorces. And if you say outright that you represent employers being sued by their employees (rather than generalizing “employment law”) – you won’t keep getting calls from the other side of things.

Having a niche is wonderfully freeing. It allows you to truly hone your skillset and become the best at what you do. 

It also means you can attract EXACTLY the kinds of clients you want to work with — like musicians, businesses buying or selling private jets, or people who were victims of police brutality.

Use a scheduling system like Acuity.

These systems allow people to self-book appointments with you (only after they’ve completed a set of questions that will qualify or disqualify them as clients). 

Check out the questionnaire connected to my booking link as an example. Mine is intentionally set up to filter only solo and small firm lawyers who are looking to build or rebuild their websites.

Consider an on-site Chat Bot (like Gideon Legal).

Chat bots like this can triage leads for you. They can also be configured to deliver ONLY the clients you want – and push them through to you immediately, while filtering out bad leads (and even sending them elsewhere if you’d like). 

They can additionally address and answer frequently asked questions, and even schedule appointments for you – cutting down on administrative time.

Develop lead magnet automated email funnels for those curious cats who aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger to hire you. 

This is a very smart, automatic way to retarget people and convert leads that might have otherwise fallen off completely. 

A well-developed Lead Magnet gives people the initial information / resource they need to consider hiring you (filtering out some of those tire kicking phone calls). Then, the automated email funnels are a way to answer even more frequently asked questions and “circle back” to people later on, when they may actually be ready.


Let us help you make the most of your mobile website today to expand your client reach and stay ahead of your competition. Contact Conversations Digital today to get started! If you’d like any assistance implementing any of these filtering options into your online presence, you can book a workshopping call with me via this link.

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