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Join us in celebrating the launch of the new Larrick Law Firm website!

Elizabeth Larrick is a practicing trial lawyer who provides trial consulting and witness preparation for other attorneys in the Austin, TX area.

Being a trial lawyer is an important way for Elizabeth to help everyday people. That’s why she works directly with clients, witnesses, and other attorneys to prepare everyone for trial, fitting each person’s needs and concerns individually. 

Elizabeth’s years of experience were aided by an incredible fellowship with the Keenan Law Firm, and she maintains her connection with the Keenan Law Firm by teaching and speaking at the Keenan Trial Institute seminars throughout the year on the topics of Witness Preparation and Focus Groups. 

With a passion for helping witnesses empower themselves on the stand, Elizabeth works to give witnesses the tools they need to fully tell their story – and, of course, to help you win your case.

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