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We are proud to announce the launch of the new Sherman Law Corporation website!

Lisa Sherman has over 25 years of experience defending employers throughout Southern California and her outside of the box thinking and cost-effective solutions have saved her clients from the frustration of lengthy and expensive lawsuits. 

The unsettling truth is that 52% of all California employers will face employment-related claims at some point and most of those claims are completely illegitimate. 

But Lisa knows that most employment disputes boil down to childlike bullying and he-said-she-saids, so she works to eradicate claims by opportunistic employees so that California businesses can get back to work.

With a record of obtaining dismissals on behalf of employers AND monetary sanctions against employees for pursuing frivolous lawsuits approximately 95% of the time, Lisa has become an important staple of the Southern California legal community.

“I consider my clients to be as important as my family,” says Lisa. “As soon as I get command of the facts of a case, I want them to go back to work with as little disruption as possible so they can regain a sense of normalcy and treat the litigation as simply a cost of doing business.”

On Lisa’s site, you can get a better understanding of her specific areas of practice, as well as checking out Lisa’s track record on the Results page.

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