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Conversations Digital is happy to announce the launch of the new website of Nola Succession Law!

Nola Succession Law offers family-first succession services to the greater New Orleans area. Their team comes from a place of compassion – first and foremost, and they view their job as taking as much worry and uncertainty off of your plate as possible to help carry this burden alongside you.

Led by a father-daughter team, Nola Succession Law attorneys know how heartbreaking it is to be left to pick up the pieces after losing a loved one. That’s why they are passionate about going above and beyond to support Louisiana families through this process.

NOLA Succession Law - conversations digital law firm marketing and web designFrank Lagarde and his daughter Amanda Sullivan not only provides clients with trustworthy and compassionate representation, but their familial approach allows them to deal with client legacies, as well. 

Frank knows that family is more important than anything, and he’s got decades of experience under his belt to prove his commitment. And Amanda loves working with her father to take grieving clients from totally lost to moving on to the next chapter of their life with closure and peace of mind.

Our team at Conversations wanted to highlight this familial legacy — and their Louisiana roots — in both the copy and the design. That’s why we did deep dives into Frank and Amanda’s stories for the biographies, and created a custom, hand-drawn logo for their firm.

NOLA Succession Law - conversations digital law firm marketing and web designTheir primary area of practice is Successions, which is the Louisiana term for probate. They work with clients left to pick up the pieces of their loved one’s life: figuring out what bills need to be paid, which accounts need to be closed, exactly what assets your relative had and where, and making sure their wishes are carried out.

The process includes collecting the estate, settling any outstanding debts and taxes your loved one left behind, and determining the beneficiaries are the legal owners for the estate’s assets. 

But Nola Succession Law attorneys handle all types of successions in the New Orleans and Metairie area, and they’re ready to work with clients to get their loved one’s affairs in order.

NOLA Succession Law - conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

Nola Succession Law also works with clients on Uncontested Successions (when a person’s assets are distributed according to his/her final wishes), and they have a Basic Starter Will package for those who need to jumpstart a plan for their family’s future.

Visit the new Nola Succession Law site to learn more!


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