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The Niche Lawyer Podcast

With Conversations Digital Editor-in-Chief Molly Mulroy
Molly Mulroy Lawyer Podcast - conversations digital legal marketing

Every month, we feature a solo or small firm attorney doing big things within a specific niche, and how those niches empower them to greatness.

Recent episodes:


Megan Kiefer personal injury attorney New Orleans

Episode 13: “The Importance of Self-Care… For You and Your Clients”

- New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer Megan Kiefer on Working Through Trauma

Episode 12: “Planning Ahead is a Favor to Those You Care About”

- Michigan Estate Planning Lawyer Julie Paquette on the Importance of Making an Estate Plan…
Olivia Cummings FL Immigration Attorney

Episode 11: “You Learn Over Time”

- Port St. Lucie Immigration Lawyer Olivia Cummings on Starting Your Own Firm
Aubrey Harris Attorney

Episode 10: “What Sets You Apart is a Strength, Not a Weakness”

- New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Aubrey Harris on Victim Advocacy

Episode 9: “Hot Tips and Tools for the Client Journey”

- Vermont Personal Injury Attorney Drew Palcsik on Situating People Where They Are in the…

Episode 8: “Keeping the Wheels Turning”

- Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Chris Shows on Getting Through the Tough Times

Episode 7: “Don’t Spin Your Wheels – Find a Niche”

- Idaho Business Attorney Tom Walker on Business Succession Planning, Affirmations, and Niching

Episode 6: “Do a Great Job for that First Client”

- Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Max Hiltner on Truly Caring About Your Work

Episode 5: “Small Steps Make Big Movements When You Add Them All Together”

- Louisiana Business Attorney Andrew Legrand on Business Law, Risk Assessment & Automation

Episode 4: “Everything After That is Just Production”

- Texas Appellate Attorney Todd Smith on Making a Legal Podcast

Episode 3: “Giving to Others is How You Receive”

- New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Daryl A. Gray on Giving Back to the Community
attorney julie armbrust podcast with megan hargroder conversations digital

Episode 2: “Just Getting Through It Together”

- Oregon Attorney-Mediator Julie Gentili Armbrust on Divorce Mediation
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Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

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