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All-inclusive buffet of social media strategy & implementation!
[conversations with Megan]


All-inclusive buffet of social media strategy & implementation!
[consversations with Megan]
What is a consultation session?

Maybe you’ve tried social media before…but didn’t have enough time to dedicate to it. Maybe you’ve already got a presence…but it doesn’t seem to be working. Or maybe you’ve got a member of your team on the job…but no one’s really sure what they’re doing, and you’re livin’ on a prayer.

You and Conversations. Hand-in-hand. For one month…or more. We’ll work together on a retainer agreement, which means you’ll have access to my brain at any given time.
Need me to guide one of your employees? Absolutely.
Want me to train you directly? No problem.
Prefer that I manage your social media from end-to-end?
I’m yours.

By end to end, of course I mean exactly that: From start to finish. Included in my retainer rate is an all-inclusive buffet of social media strategy & implementation that I’ll perform on your behalf. Every client gets the (hot) red carpet rolled out for them, and every client will receive the following monthly deliverables (negotiable, of course, but here’s our baseline starting point)

Just like with my strategy sessions, I’ll send you a client intake form while I do some initial research. Then, we’ll hop on a call with you and your team to best understand your needs, your company, and how I can best help you. From there, it’s like the wild wild west for a few days, as I acquire your passwords and logins, create baseline analytics, import everything into our tracking systems, start creating campaigns, create related content, build out the content calendar, and get your project underway.

Once the initials are set up, then the fun begins, as I begin constant daily monitoring, adjusting, reworking and growing. At this point, you can be involved in the process as much or as little as you’d like, but no matter what, we’ll pause to have regular period-ending meetings where we can analyze the campaigns, discuss what’s working and what’s not, and then continue to refine and tweak moving forward to make sure you just aren’t running a social media campaign–you’re running a social media campaign that WORKS.

At that point, if training for your staff is required, we’ll move into that stage of the process. If it’s not required, then I’ll put together a follow up guidebook for reference as you move forward and keep your social media presence humming to the tune of Bach.


Tell us a little about you and what you’re looking for and we’ll customize the perfect package for you! Click the link below to pop over to the contact page!

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About Megan


Megan Hargroder founded Conversations, LLC, where she and her team create law firm websites that establish rapport and build trust—even with wary, skeptical strangers (which is what most website visitors are these days).

Megan believes that good marketing is about building trust in a sincere, thoughtful manner. And she relishes the opportunity to help lawyers who prefer the kind of marketing that gets better clients in a more tasteful way.