DIY Wordpress Website

Learn how to create your own law firm website in just 6 weeks

Creating the perfect website that builds trust with potential new clients and gets them to actually call you can be difficult - especially when you’re doing it on your own.


We’ve helped solo and small firms across the country get the boost they need to generate the clients they want and deserve through website development, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing strategies.

And because we realize that some attorneys aren’t ready to invest in hiring a professional agency to fully develop a Client Generating Machine for them, we’ve distilled our key steps, best practices, and tricks of the trade into a comprehensive online course that gives you everything you need to build it yourself!


Through this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a WordPress site
  • How to write copy that tells YOUR story
  • How to show up in Google searches all across the country
  • How to build pages that market your authority and expertise
  • And how to make the whole site look amazing!
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What's included?

The course includes 6 weeks worth of information, lessons, and videos about web optimization, site management, and marketing tips that you can read and watch again and again for optimum use.

How long does it take?

Once you purchase the course, it’s yours! Most students complete all lessons (and writing assignments for the pages of your website) in about 6 weeks, but you can take the course at any pace you want, and always go back for more help later. The course materials are yours to keep - forever!

In short...

Signing up for this course today will allow your firm to build a stellar website, so you can stop worrying about generating more clients and instead focus on what you do best - representing them.

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