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Megan Hargroder

Award Winning Legal Marketing Expert, Speaker and Strategist

As the founder of Conversations Digital, I work with lawyers to create strategic, trust-building, client-generating machines that attract GREAT clients, easily.

With a perfect record for client satisfaction, my team and I have built a reputation for excellence.
megan hargroder - conversations digital legal marketing and web design

We use story-based messaging and authority-building tools to help clients create rapport and build trust in a powerful way.

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“Megan can help you in a way that’s truly unique and special. Plus, she’s incredibly nice and giving in ways that are uncommon. ..."

Ernie SvensonNew Orleans Lawyer, Speaker, Author & Blogger - Ernie The Attorney
As a founding member of Law Firm Autopilot, I also create marketing workshops and classes to help lawyers work less and earn more.
I’ve been a professional storyteller for more than 10 years, with a background in broadcast journalism, video production and non-profit communications.
Want me to speak at your event? I’d love to talk about it.

About Megan

When you come from a small town like mine, there are certain things people expect of you. But I had something else in mind
  • Enterprising Women of the Year Award
  • The XYZ Podcast guest
  • Featured speaker at events, conferences, and workshops across the country
  • More than 100 happy clients
  • 10+ years of experience expanding businesses’ online presence and building a sense of community around that brand

“It is clear that Megan does the due diligence to stay ahead of the curve in marketing/social media best practices. She is not afraid to try new strategies and tactics, but she takes the time to assess the results. Her presentation style brings a welcomed balance of self-confidence, approachability, humor and expertise. I highly recommend Megan for any speaking engagement or workshop opportunity.”

Julia StewartPropeller, a Force for Social Innovation
5 Secrets of Dominating Local Search
SEO Basics: Drive traffic to your website and convert contacts to clients
Trust-Based Marketing: Using the art of story to attract (and convert) your ideal client
Lawyer-Specific Marketing Tools (And How to Use Them Ethically)
Protecting and Managing Your Online Reputation

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because winning attorneys should have websites that win the clients they serve.

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Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

Winning Websites for Winning Attorneys*

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