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Stewart Harmonson Website Launch Spotlight

While Conversations Digital has already had the pleasure of working with both Stephen Stewart and Clark Harmonson individually, our team was ecstatic when they hired us for their new, joint firm—Stewart + Harmonson. 

The two attorneys are such good friends, and a dynamic team, that it only made sense for the two of them to join forces. So, Conversations is excited to feature one of our favorite projects, their new website!

Stewart + Harmonson - conversations digital law firm marketing and web design

We wanted to be sure that the website featured both of them as the powerful, Southwestern attorneys they are, while also conveying their new partnership. Their logo is a real testament to that – a creative interpretation that pleasantly surprised both attorneys. The wolf represents Stewart, and the bear, Harmonson.

stewart harmonson

The two do their work in Las Cruces and throughout New Mexico and are dedicated to the local community. They grew up in the region and understand the beauty of it is not just in the natural features, but the people who live there and call it home. These attorneys are tough, yet genuine… strong, yet caring. And they dedicate their work to their clients.

stewart harmonson

Of course, their practice areas are a main feature of the site, outlining Stewart + Harmonson’s work tackling oilfield accidents, truck accidents, and wrongful death

These practice pages not only let their clients know what the S+H team are capable of, but offer valuable information to those who may not even realize they have a viable case. 

stewart harmonson

Stewart + Harmonson, have over 40 combined years of experience helping survivors of catastrophic truck and oilfield accidents and their families obtain the compensation they deserve to move forward with their lives. These two lawyers make a fantastic team and we feel so fortunate to get to work with them as well as help convey their capability through this new site. 


If you’re looking to build a GREAT, client-generating website, you’ll need a knowledgeable and trustworthy team to make that happen.

At Conversations Digital, we transform underperforming attorney websites into client-generating machines.

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We transform underperforming attorney websites into client-generating machines. We’ve helped hundreds of solo & small firm attorneys grow their businesses by creating award winning websites that attract great clients.

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