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Using eClincher for Social Media Integration and Streamlined Workflow

By September 25, 2019September 15th, 2021No Comments

Digital marketing can seem daunting. After all, there’s a lot more to promoting your business on the web than just having a spiffy website. There’s social media profiles to manage, followings to build, and blogs to write. One way you can bring multiple platforms together is to integrate social media to your website.

Using eClincher for Social Media Integration and Streamlined Workflow - conversations digital - law firm marketing and web development

Social media integration improves your users’ experiences, promotes brand recognition, and helps you stay in contact with existing clientele as well as potential clients. While there are many tools you can use to integrate social media to your website, eClincher is one that might impress you. Not only does this intuitive tool connect your social media pages with your website, it can help you streamline your digital marketing workflow for optimal productivity. 

The Basics on Social Media Integration

“Social media integration” is a phrase you’ve probably heard, and like most buzz-worthy phrases, it can mean a lot of things. For instance, integrating social media profiles to your website can be as simple as having “like” and “follow” buttons so that your visitors can connect with you on social media with one easy click. Conversely, integration also means that your social media pages post content from your website and blog on a regular basis. Tools like eClincher can help with this aspect of integration by automatically posting new blogs, for example, on all your social media profiles. 

Other examples of social media integration include:

  • Clickable buttons with icons that link to your social media profiles
  • Displaying recent tweets, Facebook statuses, and Instagram posts on banners and sidebars within your website
  • Enabling Discus on blog posts, which allows readers to comment from their Twitter and Facebook profiles
  • Sending out newsletters with hyperlinks to social media content for increased engagement

Boost Productivity with eClincher

eClincher lets you access all of your social media profiles from one place. From Instagram and LinkedIn to Twitter and Facebook, you can manage all your posts and interaction with consumers with this tool’s user-friendly interface. Its features can save you time without sacrificing engagement with your following. In fact, eClincher makes responding to private messages and comments much more efficient. 

Here some of eClincher’s nifty social media integration features:

Scheduling Posts

Schedule posts ahead of time across various platforms with eClincher. This feature makes it easy to create your posts on your time and schedule them to post when the likelihood of engagement is highest on each social network. 

Automate Posts with Smart Queues

On top of scheduling your posts, you can automate them with eClincher. This gives you increased control of your daily workflow. For example, you can divide posts into categories like company-related news, inspirational quotations, and cute pet videos to keep your content diverse and interesting. Smart Queues let you upload content in bulk to save you time. 

Boost and Streamline Engagement

eClincher stores all your comments and messages across your integrated platforms in one convenient place. This means you, your social media marketing team, or your digital marketing agency can interact with your following without having to jump from network to network. This convenient feature helps ensure that your clients/customers receive prompt response times because it eliminates the need to check notifications across various platforms. 

Monitor Hashtags and Keywords

A good social media marketing strategy involves monitoring conversations among consumers and brands. This can be done by adding specific hashtags and keywords to your eClincher account. eClincher’s monitoring features make it easy to keep track of what’s going on in your industry, including your competition and when your brand/business is mentioned on various social networks.

You can learn more about eClincher and making the most out of its features by visiting the company’s official blog.

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