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Voice Search Optimization for Law Firms

By August 1, 2018August 10th, 2021No Comments

What is voice search optimization?

“Siri, when does the sun set tonight?”

“Google, where is the closest gas station?”

“Siri, what steps should I take after a car accident?”

“Alexa, how do I know if I am a victim of medical malpractice?”


It’s getting easier and easier to talk to our devices the way we would talk to another human. As voice recognition technology advances and more voice-responsive devices are flooding the market, more and more of us are giving our fatigued fingers a break and letting our voices ask the questions.

This growing technological trend presents a new marketing world with a slightly different strategy than your typical SEO marketing strategy. Developing a marketing strategy with voice search optimization in mind can help your business appear more frequently to clients who are using this technology.


What is different about a voice search?

To capitalize on voice search technology, it is important to understand what makes it different from typed-search technology.


  • Natural Speech


Voice queries tend to be more conversational, with full sentences. Consider the difference between typing “medical malpractice claims” into Google and asking Siri “how do I know if I’m a victim of medical malpractice?”


  • Environmental


People tend to rely on voice searches to ask questions about the environment around them or something for which they need a fast answer.


  • Question : Answer Format


Queries tend to be asked in a question/answer format, as opposed to typed queries searching by overall topic

  • Convenience Factor – faster and more hands-free than typing out a query


Who is using voice search technology?

The fastest answer? Everyone!

Research shows  that the use of voice search technology is rapidly growing across all demographics. With such an all-encompassing trend, now is the time to take advantage of what this could do for your law firm.


But really, who is using it the most?

Younger and older folks are vocalizing their searches out loud to their devices at particularly high rates, but perhaps for different reasons.

Younger generations have grown up with technology as a consistent, ever-evolving part of their lives, making them well-positioned to be excited about and adjust quickly to new technology trends.

Elder generations are able to make vocal search queries and rely less on hand dexterity and vision, making it supportive technology for less dextrous and/or vision-impaired individuals. If your law firm works with one of these demographics often, voice search optimization is a great way to help get you connected with your potential clients!


Making Voice Search Optimization Work For Your Law Firm

Voice Search Optimization means adapting or expanding your marketing strategy to respond to what makes this technology unique.


  1. Long Tail Keywords


Because voice queries tend to be long in nature, long-tail keywords have a great deal of overlap with the searches. Consider the keywords you are using in your online marketing presence. Here is an example of a voice query with long-tail keywords.  “Siri, show me lawyers in New Orleans with a free consultation”


  1. FAQ Focus


Since voice queries tend to be question-answer style, consider  adding an FAQ page. Design your Frequently Asked Questions keeping in mind what a possible client might ask their technology device that could be answered by your page. Here are two examples from our own clients with great FAQ pages: Slovensky Law FAQs  Chidatma Lex Group FAQ

  1.   Google My Business listing

Obtain and maintain your Google My Business and listing accounts. Customers frequently ask their devices for a list of local businesses. You want your business to (1) appear, (2) have accurate information and (3) be at the top of the list. Eye-catching photos of your business are a great way to help your business stand out from the others. Remember, for best optimization it is important that the information in all of your business listings be consistent across all listings, down to the last Ct or Court, Ste or Suite.


Want to learn more about Voice Search Optimization for your law firm? Contact Digital Conversations for more information on how we can help you meet your clients.

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