Your Law Firm’s Website Photoshoot: Tips and Tricks


Your Law Firm’s Website Photoshoot_ Tips and Tricks - conversations digital law firm marketing and web development

While your the website for your law firm might have stellar, keyword-rich copy and a user- and mobile-friendly layout, potential clients can be turned off if your website’s photos aren’t just right. Your photos set the tone for your legal practice and your approach to working with your clients. A website visitor’s first impressions are formed in about 50 milliseconds. This is why the photos on your legal website need to convey your dedication and professionalism.


Pictures Convey A Thousand Words

Did you know that 81% of a website’s visitors skim the content? This is why visuals like photos and infographics make such an impression on a visitors to legal websites and blogs.

As the old adage states, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your website’s photos need to accurately reflect your professionalism and law firm’s approach to handling cases and your clients.


Hire a Professional

The first thing you need to do is find a professional photographer. A good affordable option is Thumbtack. You can see search results in real-time with profiles, prices, ratings and more. It’s easy to filter the results to find the pros who are a good match for what you are looking for.

Another option you have is to do a web search of photographers in your area. You want to find a photographer who has taken photographs for business websites, particularly the branding materials for law practices. Local photographers will have portfolios. Look for a photographer with a healthy portfolio for business photography.


Planning for Your Photoshoot

Now that you’ve narrowed down a list of photographers to work with, it’s time to brainstorm. Find photos on legal websites that you like. Ones that convey the seriousness and diligence of your profession. Isolate the qualities of these photos that you like and want to replicate.


LOCATIONS – various spots so you have options:

  • Conference rooms.
  • Offices/Lobby
  • Court House  
  • A rooftop (something outside and interesting)



  • No busy patterns / extreme colors / more than one pastel
  • Bring at least 2 tie options, 2 shirt options (button ups are ideal), and a jacket that matches your pants
  • Hair: consider scheduling a haircut a few days before your shoot, and avoid adding too much product to your hair prior to the shoot. Bring hair product along with you if you think you may need more
  • Glasses: make sure they’re clean
  • Women: nothing too short or low cut, no shiny fabrics or anything with a small or possibly reflective print, and err on the side of a more natural look with hair and makeup.
  • Kids: bring extra shirts for just in case. Dress them as if they’re going to a sort of nice event. Bring snacks / treats and something familiar like a toy that we can use to distract them / get their attention if needed.



Environmental Portraits – These are people in places, not just faces.


Executive Portraits – This is the all-important attorney headshot. You’ll want two really good ones for each attorney.


Corporate Lifestyle – Think “action shots” of you or your team working in various settings around the office. Four should suffice.


Office/Location – These could be exterior or interior shots. If you have a sign or legible firm name somewhere, try to capture.

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Anything Else – If your firm has a distinctive visual element or landmark that you want to profile, feel free to include it. More visual choices are generally better when building a website.


Examples of what to do with your hands:


VERY IMPORTANT:  Wide pictures

i.e. the lawyer, paralegal, or staff are photographed the left or right of the total image so you can lay LOGOs, Taglines, etc. on top of the extra image area that can promote your skill-sets and law-sections. These can also be used for social media banners.


Have a Mix of Headshots and In-Action Shots

The ideal legal website has a mix of in-action and headshots of vital personnel. Every attorney, legal assistant, paralegal, and your receptionist needs to have a professional headshot to place on your website’s “about us” section with a short biographical paragraph to match.

Beyond headshots and group photos, in-action photos are a great idea. These photos could depict you and your team sitting in the conference room with carefully-placed books and files on the table. Having photos of your team on the phone or “working” on the computer and taking notes is helpful, too.

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