Conversations LLC helps solo and small firm attorneys leverage the power of the internet to get found by great clients.

That’s right. While there are a few rare exceptions, we do work almost exclusively with lawyers.

Why would we limit ourselves to just one specific industry?

(And why would you “limit” your practice to just one practice area?)

Easy: because after 6 years in business as a “generalized” social media firm, we realized that almost all of our favorite clients have been lawyers, and that our work has gained the most tremendous, measurable impact across the board in this industry.

Focusing on only working with lawyers, means that we can effectively stay on top of changing legal ethics and professionalism rules, industry-specific platforms, and how new strategies and tools can be most effectively implemented.

Our ideal client is…

  • A small firm or solo attorney
  • Brave enough to go niche
  • Passionate about their work
  • Someone who already has a word-of-mouth referral-based clientele (because their clients are so thrilled with their service)
  • Looking to increase the number of relevant clients contacting them each month via online marketing (that’s where we come in)!

If that sounds like you...

pop over to the Contact Page and tell us more about your practice and how you’d like to take it to the next level!

Give us a shout!

The process

Even with a very specific niche clientele of our own, each project is different.

That’s why we like to start at the very beginning: with a good old fashioned audit.

Over the years, we’ve been approached for various types of projects – from blogging to website development to just setting up Facebook Ads for people.

And we’ve learned something very important about you…yes, I’m talking about YOU.

You know you need online marketing help because you want more clients.

You know your website has lots of room for improvement, and that you should probably be blogging.

You know that alllll of this “SEO stuff” is important, and that you should be leveraging it.

But what you don’t know, is exactly what’s working so far, where you’re throwing money away, how much content you need to produce and where it needs to be published, and which focus keywords and topics you should be attacking until you own them.

That’s where the audit comes in.

It’s quick, painless, and astronomically valuable.

Click to learn more about how the audit works!

What we do:


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